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Sluzavci Mucusis

When the inhabitants of the World of Fantasy find out that there are worlds in which "reasonable" beings with disgust looking at the mucus, they were more than surprised. The appearance of mucus amongst the inhabitants of the World of Fantasy is welcome, since it is always a sign that an action should be taken immediately, which will ultimately bring better health and satisfaction to an individual who increases the mucus or receives a mucus in someone close to him. The Mucusis of the picture are a special kind among other mucus in the World of Fantasy. These very tiny creatures are assembled into large colonies of male members, while female Mucusis gather in their colonies away from men. The number of Mucusis is constantly increasing as long as they stay in humid and dark areas, until at some moment appears some charge in a colony who suddenly forces them to find a colony of members of the opposite sex. In this running their colors are becoming ever more stronger - see picture - ...

Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia