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The King of the vermiform creatures

It is not easy to serve the king who has evil nature and cruel to his servants. Big Roberto, the king of the vermiform creatures, for years he has held all the creatures in his kingdom in an iron grip, enjoying in his reign of terror. It was once noted that he was a little calm - and pleased - as he sucked the Blue boob, the creatures that experts considered as the wonderful gift of Mother Nature. Blue tits containing some intoxicating ingredient (not revealed which), which causes in the sucker satisfaction and desire to doing it again. It was the trigger for a great action involving all the servants - the acquisition and development of Blue Boobs, an action that has been fully successful.
Today, in the Great Castle of King Robert, the atmosphere is different, the Kinf suck sweet juice or milk (depending on the type of Blue Tits and he is more calm, the servants have more freedom and the pleasure is ever greater. The King forbids only one: no one should touch, especially not suck....

Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia