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The Truth About the Big Bang, contemporary illustration with fantastic story by oldbone art

When would we here made a statement scientists from the World of Fantasy about the Big Bang, the beginning of the creation of the universe has never happened, and that the universe has always existed, this claim would be with the scientist from Earth welcomed with derisively. Such opinion with the Earth we, scientists of the World of Fantasy do not wonder, because limited human minds do not accept the existence of The Huge organism, who continually creates new Universes through his digestive tract. Even if we endorse these words with indisputable proofs, human beings would never accept the fact that they were created (as well as their universe) from the product thrown out of the anus. There was a Big Bang, a splash of the Huge organism.
This art work is on sale. Contact me for details, price and shipping cost.

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Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia