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The World of Meditation, outsider picture + short fantasy story

I enjoyed watching these plants (or animals?) how hovering (or sailing) on the lines (or the rivers?), serene and silent. I often drop in this World (which discovered to me Wizard Cirilo Bum), exercising body relaxation and emptying the brain from any thoughts. I could do this exercise constantly, for hours.
Usually, an old wizard Cirilo Bum would appear, and he woke me up and said:
- Other things should be done, not just meditating and dreaming, my boy! If you do not really get tired of physical work (and you do not get blisters in the hands of land digging), you will never become a real wizard!
Work is acrylic on cardboard 100X70 cm., Not for sale.

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Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia