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The door keeper between life and death, a fantastic short story with a proper picture, outsider

A3 format, acrylic, mixed technique
We sat around the campfire, talked about everything a bit, when someone asked:
- Can you tell us your thoughts about death?
Old Bone is pulled pipe from the backpack, filled it with tobacco and lit. We have been waiting patiently for the response of this unusual being, deep age, and great living experience.
- Everyone would like to know the truth about death, whether it is the full end of life or a new beginning, " said Old Bone - It is wiser to ask questions about life, the purpose of life, and keeping the spark. Truly, few are looking for the truth about life. I believe that with only the complete knowledge of life, one can perceive what is happening after death.-
- How to explain the messages of the dead through the media, learning religions about reincarnation, heaven, and hell, eternal life, testimonies of survivors of clinical death?
- Fraud and delusions, speculation - calmly replied Old Bone - You must know one thing: there are doors ....

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freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia