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The emergence of creatures from fantasy, outsider amateur art, weird story

The inhabitants of the World of Fantasy are best acquainted with the fact that with imagination they can a world in which their material body exists, to adapt to their desires. Within imagination is the power that enables everyone to gradually change the world around. It is true that those who claim that imagination - just like any other magic - a great unexplored area that the traveler offers a lot of abundances, hidden secrets, and surprises. The open mind will allow me to say here that the imagination is energy that lush by force and ability, we can imagine it as a mega honeycomb, which exists and vibrates through space and time, constantly fed by the imagination of many beings in their cells, imagination is the creator of everything from personal and local environments to inter-space relations. It is also worth pointing out another feature of imagination - fertility, birth. Even the scientist of the wizard logically accept that imagination, (our mind incomprehensible wide ...

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Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia