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The invisible contributor, amateur illustration and story for free learning magic

Today, when recall magic apprenticeship at the old witch I know that it was good that I was curious, little boy when I walked into her house. She was strict but nice to me, she was careful to me and I completely trusted her. I was not influenced by negative thoughts of people who had no knowledge of magic and my head was clear as a completely blank book.
- One of the lesser-known facts is that each of us is the moment of birth bound, shall enter into a special contact with one of the invisible energy from the higher spheres. This energy is constantly available to us, we use with it or we do not, by the time of our physical death. The angel, guide, spiritual protector, some popular names for this force, but more specifically to say Collaborator - she said to me the old witch.
Then take a handful of dried burdock which is preparing a cure for dandruff and some skin diseases.
- We are by-laws and the reasons unfathomable to our minds more on themagicofmagicvalley.blogspot.com

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Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia