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Several times a week the wizard Cirilo Bum liked to walk around the Area of discarded and forgotten things. It was a very wide depressions full of objects, which various beings used in the further or near past. For some reason these items were no longer useful to them, they did not have an emotional connection with them (or the emotional relationship was negative), and perhaps they were tired of holding some things, who knows? - in any case, the area of discarded and forgotten things has been constantly expanding. I walked behind old wizard, I was brought here with the curiosity to look what he would do in this place, full of junk, for some things, I did not know the original purpose. He found many old books and put them in his super-stretchable backpack, he looked ridiculous when I looked at him from behind - as a big backpack walks on the little feet. Next to us, some guy, very pleased, found a long spoon on whose other side was a fork, a thing I certainly would ..... .....

Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia