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The planet has a soul

The arrival of researcher Pepe Fajgla (see http://storiesofoldbone.blogspot.hr/2014/01/strazivac-pepe-fajgl-researcher-pepe.html) will always attract the numerous inhabitants of the Earth of the Fantasy which wanted news.
- I was on a small planet that its inhabitants call the Earth. The beings who are called people, from me unmistakable reasons are doing everything to smash the environment and destroy the living conditions on Earth - said Pepe Fajgl. - You must be really crazy when you cut the branch you are sitting on.
The beings who listened to him looked at the wonder, not believing their ears.
- Those spirited stunted creatures who are called people, are not aware that every planet is a living organism that has a soul - said an experienced researcher - it is painful to see how the Earth suffers the pain of its offspring as the mother to which the child, when growing, slaps.
The assembled beings who listened to Pepe Fajgl long and sad speech about humanity thought of.....

Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia