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Three humanlike appearance

Independent research by leading experts from the World of Fantasy confirmed the existence of this Three at all levels of existence in all the worlds. Their scientific work survived rigorous theoretical, professional and empirical tests, proving that people of high intellect, people with mental disabilities, dreamers, and deserters are experiencing frequent encounters with anthropoid Three. In a state between sleep and wakefulness, boredom, strong mental activity, under the influence of alcohol and opiates, at dusk or at dawn, during a dense fog, in moments of fear or euphoria, stormy night, after the bite of poisonous snakes, when the body or psyche are in difficult situations, under the influence of mystical power, in these and other specific situations, contact with Three is realized. If you have not talked or seen this Three by now, you are a healthy and perfectly normal person, so you should be concerned about your condition.

Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia