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Tvrdoglavi Janko Stubborn Janko, sold out

There are people we observe with wonder - or admiration - because they never turn away from their path and will persistently try to achieve their intentions. Janko Threehumps lives in the World of Fantasy, he has average qualities and abilities, a phenomenon that would not be worth mentioning that he does not always show incredible perseverance, and individuals think it is more accurate to say stupidity. It is known to everyone that it is not wise to go through the territories of the Cactus - beings late in the evening or at night, because these dangerous inhabitants of the Earth of Fantasy with their bodies besiege a stunned traveler and keep him long captive, sometimes for days. Then suddenly go, the unfortunate of fatigue and exhaustion almost always falls to the unconscious and is left lucky to spare him some day. No one counts how many times a ranger or adventurer found Janko Threehumps... more on

Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia