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Umjetnost po Jeronimu Art by Jerome

I met Jerome at a show of unconfirmed artists, exhibitions whose sponsor was a world famous sausage factory. The reason for my arrival was the free top quality sausage that the factory shared with all the present. You my dear readers, just watching the photo of installation made by Jerome (he is part of that installation). I was most impressed by the very happy expression of Jeronim's face while the rest of the scenes considered less worthy than the dry scab to fall from the pain of a sick troll. In short: Jeronim is the only son of the rich Ricoard, the owner of a number of ironware shops and various tools. It is not certain, but it is said that Jeronim began to create artwork from pure boredom, since he did not have to work to have the means to live. We quickly got together (I often came to him and enjoyed looking at a full fridge) and Jeronim gave me his vision of art.
- Painting is dead because it does not bring anything new! Only the other directions of art have a future! Art....

Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia