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Victims of progress by old bone

For years they Fred, Horned, Teddypig, Twoheads and The Worm happily lived in the Old Forest. Secure in their shelters, fed on berries and other fruits of the Forest and they do not thinking about anything. But times are changing, new times bring new values ??and Great Old Forest heard the new expressions: business, profit, money ... Forest has decided charge stay is in numerous hiding places that she owns. Because these five have no money, were expelled outside the borders of the Great Old Forest. Now in their former homes live other beings: the rich criminals sought by the hands of the law, corrupt politicians and similar characters, the safety of hideouts Great forest payable with pure gold.
The drawing shows the moment when the five of tries to return to the Forest because they are completely unable to survive into see more on

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Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia