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Visit of creatures from the unknown, an abstract picture with an unusual story, outsider art

On the planet Earth many scientists who listening with radio telescopes universe in the desire to discover, among other things, other forms of life. We, the inhabitants of the World of Fantasy, know that there are many species of beings living in parallel universes, times, dimensions, and we've been in contact with them for a long time. The world of fantasy uses many developed forms of life as a portal, a passage between different worlds and levels of existence, since the World of Fantasy is the ideal structure to travel anywhere, just need to know where you want to be.
I was a little boy when I first met a creature outside of my World, while I was killing boredom eating biscuits, one night in my room. First I heard a quiet knocking at the door, a moment two later, through the keyhole it starts to slowly pass through the phenomenon you see in the picture and spread all over the room, changing colors and shape in a quiet rhythm. We stayed for a while, studying each other and no ...

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Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia