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the King of the Earth Broke-worries in a beautiful framework

Immediately when he appeared in the World of fantasy - but it is not known from where he came - it drew attention the native people. He sang cheerful songs, had no luggage, wearing only smile on his face and never took it off.
- Who cares ... it is so unimportant that I long ago forgot - he said when asked about his name. Planning what will work and eat tomorrow, how to prepare for the coming of winter, was not peculiar to him.
- I do not worry about it, now would make me unnecessarily burdened by worries about what will happen tomorrow.
It seems that he liked one area flat hills, so he stayed there going to easy walk and slept under the trees. Looking at it, everyone could feel the peace and contentment that radiated from him. Some good soul carried him food - We can not let a good man starve! - they would say - maybe he's a saint, just a little weird.
It was not long time and the emergence of the first fans of the man who did not care about nothing, at least for themselves....

Ivan contemporary Kost...
freelancer Velika Gorica, Croatia