The Freer's American Galleries - Overall responsibility for exhibit design and implementation. Created shop drawings. Directed installation of all art within the gallery.
Chinese Galleries - For every 6 month rotation of Chinese art within the gallery, created drawings and directed placement of objects within the tight plexi enclosures, using existing or creating new mounts and pedestals.
Japanese Galleries - Specified new wall framing system for hanging scrolls. Selected from existing cases to fit new art objects. Specified mounts to fit handscrolls at conservationally correct slant.
Album Frame - Detail drawing created in Auto-CAD. Responsible for creating shop drawings for all frames, mounts, and pedestals included in exhibits.
Chinese Galleries - Subsequent Chinese Gallery rotation.
Chinese Galleries - Subsequent Chinese Gallery rotation, additional view.
Japanese Galleries - Subsequent Japanese Art rotation.
Japanese Galleries - Additional Japanese Art rotation.
Whistler Galleries - "Freer and Whistler: Points of Contact" American art exhibit in the Freer.
Smithsonian Freer Gallery of Art