Muraqqa' - Lead designer on "Muraqqa': Imperial Mughal Albums from the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin". Created floor plans and construction drawings. Worked with outside curator on installation.
Seascapes - Lead designer on "Seascapes: Tryon and Sugimoto". Created floor plans, elevations and construction drawings. Lead installation.
Sackler Pavillion - 3D rendering in Vectorworks created for gallery proposal.
Sackler Pavillion - Implemented 3D design in exhibit entrance, including using Illustrator program to create vector drawing which allowed world map to be routed out of adhesive vinyl.
ETG Map - Created and drafted this wayfinding map. Map is reworked for all Sackler exhibits.
Sackler Floor Graphic - Designed in Illustrator, this floor graphic was inspired by a compass rose.
Encompassing the Globe Floor Graphic - This floor graphic was printed on adhesive vinyl strips and applied to the lobby floor. Floor graphic directs visitors to various galleries within the exhibit.
Smithsonian Sackler Gallery of Art