Intel Phone - Chosen by the WWU Etec staff, I joined a team of 3 WWU engineering technology students to help develop and manufacture a functional prototype housing for Intel’s new Universal Communicator. My primary duties included: - conducting research - sketching and CAD concepts - helping create final Pro/E model - hand-finishing and assembling - writing project documentation - preparing presentation materials - leading the presentation to Intel
Flatware - Utensils used and refined over a millennia have become an integral part of our everyday lives - a symbol of cultural refinement, of personal taste, and of economic status. We interact with them intimately as extensions of our fingers. Thus flatware must be functional as tools yet also finely crafted in their manipulation and form such that they bring finesse and joy to the dining experience. They must speak to us personally as representations of our own lifestyle and psychology - as objects of desire.
Vehicle Design - The design is based on a katamaran with a teardrop-shaped center body suspended by side arms housing the wheels and electric motors. Air ducts and Venturi effects direct airflow around the car to maintain laminar flow and decrease drag. This model was tested in the VRI's wind tunnel at 100mph. It measured an average drag coefficient of .20 in the wind tunnel, one of the lowest ever achieved in the program.
Torii - Torii adapts to people. The coffee table today serves many functions - it is a place of dining, a place of work, a place of entertainment, and a visual artistic centerpiece. Torii transforms from a coffee table into a dining and serving table. The table thus also plays two functional roles thereby eliminating one extra piece of furniture for space-conscious environments. A flat surface with arced legs creates a natural axis of rotation and gentle interface with the floor.
FlexPC - By using a unique hinging mechanism, the flexPC can transform into multiple devices: laptop, tablet, and widescreen desktop/display. While in a standard notebook configuration, the lower screen becomes a virtual keyboard through touch sensitive technology. In this way, the 'trackpad' can also be defined by any area on the surface the user chooses. If folded out flat the entire display flips to a horizonal orientation and is usable as an ultra-widescreen display surface. This is optimal for working at a desktop docking station and for viewing media such as HD movies.