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Logo for new 'EASY PEASY' brand
-colour combinations indicate flavours of smoothie, for example this combination is used for 'Orange, Peach and Nectarine'.
Front View of point of purchase display, including decorative canopy.
Side view showing display space for products.
Side view showing segmented dance-mat. Children using the machine have to stamp on each segment as they light up at random.
User Interface - Children pull the lever to product a random selection of flavours. Pressing the 'Go' button starts the machine and blends the flavours into a taster smoothie.
Point of purchase display shown in context in the foyer of a Waitrose store.
Back view of point of purchase display, showing chilled drinks fridge for customers to quickly grab a smoothie when they're in a hurry.
Product shown in context within a Waitrose in-store cafe. To increase the product life cycle the product can be reassembled as a fridge and smoothie machine attraction to drive more traffic into the cafe after it has completed its promotion.
Front view of fridge and smoothie machine in cafe set up.
Front and back views of the label
Label design for the smoothie bottle
Presentation board: Proposal.
Presentation board: Features/ Benefits
Presentation: Integration/ Scale-ability
Sketchbook: Idea generation for point of purchase configurations.
Sketchbook: Idea generation for point of purchase configurations.
Sketchbook: Various concepts
Sketchbook: Various concepts
Sketchbook: Development of overhead canopy.
Sketchbook: Development of user interface.
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Easy Peasy: Point of sale for concept brand launch

The Brief:
Design a way to make healthy eating appealing to young people.

The Solution:
A new concept brand launched through the Waitrose Group aiming healthy convenience foods at the children's market. Including a point of purchase display that raises brand awareness, appeals to children and overcomes the negative associations of healthy eating by illustrating to the children how eating well can be fun and taste good.

This project was completed as part of an entry to the 2015 Royal Society of Arts Student Design Competition

Olivia Gibbs
Product Designer Southampton, United Kingdom