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The identifiable symbolism of the Kyoto Train Station (designed by Hiroshi Hara) is inspired by the mountains that surround the city of Kyoto. Although the architecture is a success, the station lacks a strong entry plaza as parking lots and roads hinder the ease of movement for visitors. To reinvent the stark concrete and asphalt plaza into “A Living Gateway” the forms and materials of the proposed plaza design are inspired by the unique Japanese mountain landscape of terraced rice patties. By reorienting the transportation to one side of the entry plaza, incorporating pathways that connect to existing hubs, and bringing an identifiable landscape symbol visitors can easily orient themselves to the urban fabric of Kyoto. Designed by Jessie Hong, Leslie Johnson, Diana Molina & Olivia Waller

Olivia Waller
Landscape Design Associate at Joni L. Janecki & Associates, Inc. Santa Cruz, CA