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Page 1. Reimagining Green Energy
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Page 2. The Mechanics
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Page 3. Connection and Node
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Page 4. Energy Transfer
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The 2012 Land Art Generator Initiative was a competition to design public art installations that have an added benefit of clean energy generation for the Freshkills Park (designed by Field Operations), at the former Fresh Kills Landfill in New York City. Using both aesthetic and pragmatic solutions for the twenty-first century energy crisis, team TGV focused on the energy produced by wind. As the wind blows across Freshkills Park a connected system of arcs rest across the terrain while harnessing the energy as it flutters across a series of windbelts. Windbelt technology captures wind energy through the effect called aeroelastic flutter. To illustrate how this works imagine when you were a child and plucked a blade of grass stretching it between your thumbs to make a whistle. The Capturing Arcs uses the same principle but stretches a mira coda taffeta ribbon across an arcing form. Designed by Emma Froh & Olivia Waller

Olivia Waller
Landscape Design Associate at Joni L. Janecki & Associates, Inc. Santa Cruz, CA