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Compact vs. Dispersed Development
ICONS for Responsible Development
A Toolkit for Responsible Development
Policy Tool Set
Site Design for IN. Permeating Conventional Development for Urban Growth Areas
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This planning studio focused on the future crisis of increased population and the increased need for housing development in the surrounding rural area of Eugene, Oregon. Each team within the studio used Envision, a new computer software designed by Bart Johnson (studio professor). This software allowed each team to create a set of policies for future rural growth, which then influenced the placement of rural housing for the next fifty years. “Framework for Responsibility” focused on creating policies that enhanced upon the existing conservation network within the project area. When examining the relationship between the conservation network and development placement there were three clear patterns; housing that was in, on the edge, and between conservation areas. Each team member selected a unique site to develop how compact and dispersed rural development could aid in preserving sensitive habitats. Designed by Jacob Kucharski, Emily Meharg, Liz Podowski & Olivia Waller

Olivia Waller
Landscape Design Associate at Joni L. Janecki & Associates, Inc. Santa Cruz, CA