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Flowerpot EYE

EYE is a flowerpot which allows seeing root system of plant. More importantly, EYE itself defines humidity of soil, light level, soil conditions and an ambient temperature, and then deduces them on the display. Thus, it is possible to see ALL development of a plant and to estimate influence on it of various factors. EYE can be used both in the educational purposes, and for contemplation. Such flowerpot will teach us to understand a plant better. EYE will work as the original translator between the person and the nature. We can see that has been hidden earlier, to admire a beauty and perfection of the nature from the new side.
In EYE for reception of electric energy uses chemical reaction, between the substances, which roots allocate in soil and the reagents containing in the case of a pot.

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Olga Kalugina
Industrial Designer Moscow, Russia