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AT&T Wireless Plan Landing Page Design
One of the examples of AT&T marquee designs for Back to School Campaign
"Back to School" Marquee in context.
Final AT&T U-verse Landing Page design. Principal Lead Visual Designer of page design concept and graphics.
One of the concept designs. It shows the idea of creating dynamic widgets for the legal copy to keep overall page design clean and crisp.
One of the concept ideas. Investigating landing page design ideas to keep the overall design minimal without cluttering up the page and increasing the likelihood that visitors will abandon the landing page (and ultimately, the site) without converting.
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AT&T Landing Page Designs

AT&T Landing Page Designs

Design goals:
- simplify the overall page design with a clear call to action
- reduce the amount of extraneous information that might distract visitors and prevent them from converting
- reinforce AT&T branding by using brand's approved graphics, color scheme and font choices

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Olga Melhiser