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Camper store concept

Concept store inspired by psychedelic art movement. The space was design so the customer lives a constant sensorial experience from the entrance. Each element it’s a reinterpretation of a vintage carnival circus, creating an interesting playful environment where all the senses are stimulated by light, textures, colour, music and smell.
When the customer navigates through the space can experience different moments. The POS becomes a hosting space where the staff can interact directly with the patrons when they step in. Also, there is a sensor lighting system that works in two ways. First, as ambient colour light, enhancing the psychedelic experience, and second, there are spotlights that gets activated with a move sensor, creating small stages within the space so the customer can appreciate the characteristics of the product.

Freelance, Full-time
Oscar Giraldo
Professional Interior and Graphic Design and Branding Artist Melbourne, Australia