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Eussen Living competition

Space has been designed into these three zones, allowing the user to pick which part of their wellbeing they would like to target. Entering the Urban Incubator, users enter the ‘mind’ section. With a reception area available, other services present within this segment includes the information hub, massage rooms, and a consultation room. The next zone the user encounters is the ‘body’ section. A cafe, providing healthy options is present within an open area. This not only fosters a healthy diet for all but also provides a breakout space. This section of The Urban Incubator also leads into Core 9’s gym space.
Linking off the ‘body’ section, the ‘soul and spirit’ section is revealed. A yoga and meditation hub is placed within a foliage oasis, allowing users to find clarity in their soul, connecting to nature or personal spiritual beliefs. Shower and sauna spaces are also available within the section too, highlighting the traditional belief that saunas purify the soul.

Freelance, Full-time
Oscar Giraldo
Professional Interior and Graphic Design and Branding Artist Melbourne, Australia