Asus Casa, 2004 - The asus casa objects were specifically designed to satisfy the growing need for non distractive computing products in our homes. They are simple but powerful. They blend into our home environment and transform the virtual part of our lifes into real experiences.

A simple floor lamp for instant media projection. Ambient light in the upright and home theater projection in the tilted position combined in one simple device. A master control and remote display for the digital home. From interface to display with a touch sensitive electroluminescent front panel.

Both concepts were developed as part of the Asus Casa project in 2004 and received a red dot concept award in 2005.
Asus My Cinema U3000, 2005 - Portable DVB-T tuner in small clam shell structure with built in patch- and extendable rod antenna. The project included the design of all cables, the remote control, the carrying bag and the packaging.
Asus mobile phone, 2004 - Budget 3G mobile phone for the younger generation. The main goal was to develope a sex neutral but yet fashionable shape that would appeal towards female and male customers, depending on the color scheme.
Michael Held
Director Design Global Munich, Germany