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the flying registration

Today if you hit a person/property getting away can b easy but this should not be so in this 21st century not with Cyprian Onyango around,
My idea is if a motorist would hit a person or property the vihacles number plate/registration will fly off and be left at the scene or near the scene,
Ussualy hit and run motorists dont have even a second to waste at the scene, realising the trouble there in most of the motorists step on the gas and run off, so comming off the vihacle to look for the missing number plate would be imposible, then the pedestrians, the victim and/or other motorists near the scene can collect the number plate and take it to the police making investigations and arresting the offender easy,
someone out there is paralysed, disabled or dead with the offender happily enjoying their life somewhere without even having paid a cent to medical or property repair bills, The Flying Registration is the best solution in protection of persons or proerty from careless driving.

Freelance, Full-time
Cyprian Onyango
Grayhoolves Industrial Design, Automobile Concept designer/inventor. nairobi, Kenya