Brush Mouse

Brush Mouse is to satisfy the customers' needs for not a sticky computer mouse with sweat. It combines a flat mouse and a brush, thereby we have not only technical merits from a flat mouse which are thinner and lighter but also structural merits from a brush which are elastic and air-circulating below the palm.

The Characteristic and Competitiveness of Brush Mouse
1) When holding Brush Mouse, heat is naturally released from our palm to the empty space among brushes below the palm. As a result, a clammy hand with sweat can become a cool hand.
2) As the contact surface between Brush Mouse and the palm changes from face to dots, the pressure from the surface to the palm is diminished and distributed, thereby palm fatigue from using mouse for a long time can be reduced too.
3) The titillation from elastic brushes massages users' palm like brushing scalp.

Target customers
1) Sweaty hands
2) Palm fatigue from using a computer mouse for a long time.

Jang Woo-seok
Founder of Bath slipper at [ Jangdy ] company Yong-in, South Korea