Take-out coffee lid
Black is used as representative of diversity
This lid looks just like POTUS include spot on his face.
‘Hot form Heart’ instead of ‘Caution Hot’
Coffee Lid Pay Tribute To Barack Obama, A Lover Of Coffee

I am a designer Jang, Woo-Seok from South Korea. I designed new coffee lid for Barack Obama. There are some reasons. 1. He enjoys take-out coffee a lot. 2. This ‘human’ coffee cup lid contains message of reconciliation and humanism. I think politician’s mouth ought not encourage people to hate someone. I’d say that Obama try to reach out to LGBT, POW, islam, opposition party, enemy countries. So this is my tribute to him.

Jang Woo-seok
Founder of Bath slipper at [ Jangdy ] company Yong-in, South Korea