Love yourself dispenser is easy and intuitive.
It is new way to pump a dispenser.
It seems like a men's masturbation.
Idea into a reality with 3d printing.
A cylinder shaped and one hand grabbed
As you love yourself, you will love others.
He playfully rubs suntan lotion on her back.
Shower scene of Hitchcock's Psycho.
The sink was full of last night’s washing-up.
Ergonomic design and rugged construction make it user friendly.
Dispensers are all around us these days.
Natural Pump

We have known how to use a dispenser instinctively. 

I drew inspiration from the men's masturbation. I am able to use this product and illustrations to express various perspectives. It contains social, politics, sex satire on the project.

This is a new type of lotion dispenser, a cylinder shape and one hand grabbed. When you push the pump, the normal dispenser spouts its lotion to the front, but ‘Love yourself’ dispenser gushes it into the air so the lotion is going to be flowed down the users’ hand. Therefore, ‘Love yourself’ dispenser allows you to use only right hand or only left hand sometimes while a normal lotion dispenser needs to use two hands, one is for pushing and the other is for receiving.
Intuitive & Fun & Sexual..
Material: PE, Stainless steel

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Jang Woo-seok
Founder of Bath slipper at [ Jangdy ] company Yong-in, South Korea