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SPOT, electronic bag - Spot eats our equipments which functions are transmited by WiFi on its textile interface, to gather them in one object.
Cook&Move - Cook&Move is an cooking ustencile which allows to measure, to boil, to spin dry and to eat some rice, pasta or vegetables, the whole in one dish. It is adapted to our current nomad way of life.
Disposable Bic Mobile - The concept is a mobile phone for Bic brand. You buy one mobile for a fixed limited time and then you change it. This phone is epurad of all superfluous functions, no screen, no menu, it's just TO CALL!
Disposable Bic Mobile - Why? Today, phone lifetime is reducing and soon it will be a consumer object.
In some case you need a phone for a limited time and you can't use your own : on the beath, aboard, on holidays...
Easier than a phone card, less risked than use your mobile, you can buy a Bic mobile for a specific fixed price
The European, the love phones(illimited during 1week), 5hours to France...
living room computer - brief : Create a new PC architecture with standard components.

Today, the home computer is used as an entertainment equipment : to watch films, to play the video games, to listen to music or to surf on Web.
Deep proposes a PC architecture adapted to its use. It is integrated into the living room as a newspaper rack where you can to store its interfaces.