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Skull and Wasp Honeycomb T-shirt Graphic designed using Illustrator for Biandi Corporation.
Machette - "Surf or Die" quick hand sketch. Pen and ink.
HeartFire Necklace concept designed using Illustrator and Photoshop. I would love to learn how to cast my own designs, this piece was an idea to use a metal frame and a Vitreous enamel fusing to create the artwork inside.
Artwork designed for Hot Topic and Tillys for a T-Shirt screenprint. Created in Illustrator for Biandi Corporation.
Artwork designed for Hot Topic and Tillys for a Tank and Shorts set. Created in Illustrator for Biandi Corporation.
T-shirt Graphic Idea for Hot Topic and Tillys, created in Illustrator. Biandi Corporation.
Embroidery Sketch for Neck Trim using Illustrator for Jainsons International.
Hand-Designed Lettering and quick sketch mockup logo for clothing line idea: Beautiful Idols. Pen and ink.
Repeat Border Illustrator sketch for Bodice embroidery for Rigo International.
Illustrator sketch for screenprint on black garments
Illustrator sketch for Hot Topic and Tillys, to be printed down the side one side of a legging.
Playing around with a T-shirt logo collage done in Photoshop.
T-shirt Design Screenprint idea made using Illustrator.
Concept art was done for a job interview, entirely in Illustrator as I had not yet learned Photoshop. The chair alone took hours. *groan* If I knew them, what I know now. :)
Bodice embroidery sketch for blouse Rigo International.
Stencil Designed for block print T-shirts and tanks.
Sketch down in Illustrator for Hot Topic and Tilly's to be printed on black garments.
SENSZOR - Original Hand Lettering. Logo for new haircutting finger-scissors device. Created vector art in Illustrator. Create effects and colors in Photoshop.
SENSZOR small logo - Hand Sketch. Original lettering. Create effects and vector art using Illustrator.
Ark Modern Vintage Hangtags - Created Photoshop line-sheet for potential hangtags.
Embroidery sketch created in Illustrator for woven button up blouse. Rigo International.
Graphic Art, Logos
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Oriel Collins