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Black and White Buffalo Plaid Wool Jacket - Black and White Buffalo Plaid Wool winter jacket. Fully lined. Big deep pockets. Wide wale long black rib. D-ring details, ties, zippers, clean lines and a very cool zip up collar, that zips into a long turtleneck for warmth
Buffalo Plaid Vest with thick Rib - Red and Black Buffalo Plaid style vest with thick wale rib, mock turtle neck, zipper pockets, and cord ties.
Cream Corduroy Coat - I wish I had this coat. But I had to leave it in China after I took this photo. Cream corduroy. First fit sample but pretty close to what I wanted. I wanted the faux fur collar to be a bit wider and more lush. This faux fur from the factory near Shanghai was incredible! This coat was lined with it and it turned out gorgeous!
Faux leather Black n White Motorcycle Jacket - Black motorcycle jacket with white insets at the shoulders. First fit sample. Photo taken at factory in China. Near Shanghai.
Faux leather Vest - First fit sample, which means this in not the fabric, laces or buttons that was going to be used for the final product. There are also laces up the side. Took this in factory near Shanghai China.
Faux Leather crop jacket. - First Fit Sample. Took this photo in the factory in China and edited out all the people and desks in the background :)
CAD layout for some vests - I didn't get photos of all of the vests that were produced but here is a flat sketch on Illustrator that gives an idea of what vests we put together while in china.
B&W floral and polka ruffle tube top - We sold tons of this top. Very simple but I started doing ruffles and predicted a big ruffle explosion right before it happened! I left the India company only to see many of the designs I had been thinking of with ruffles being produced. Sigh.
Mix of summer styles for woven women's juniors - that striped shirt in the back sold huge orders, pink skirt is cord with satin sash tie. Dress is mix of black knit top and cambric polka bottom with smocking at the waist. The white dress has tiny ruffles sewn all over it (not nearly as much as I wanted, but this was the first fit sample) and black satin tie and sash detail. Took these in New Delhi India factory. Sold in Dot's, Deb's, Wet Seal, Ross and Forever 21.
Mixed woven and knit blouse. - Very High quality silk cotton top band with ruffles and silk rayon blend blousy light summer fabric for bottom. This blouse sold at Forever 21.
Woven Summer Tank Tops - Woven summer tops made in silk, satin, poplin, muslin, lace details, silk burnout and silk rayon. Sold to Dot's, Deb's, Forever 21, and Ross. Took these at the factory in New Delhi India.
B&W Summer ruffle dress - Again a mixture of different black and white patterns with a little bit of ruffle which I was starting to use more and more. Very simple summer dress.
Wovens and Outerwear

These projects have allowed me to visit both India and China and work with overseas factories in person, and for that I am forever grateful!

Freelance, Full-time
Oriel Collins