2014 Hello Genius collection board books season. ©2012 Picture Window Books +info Let me drop a line (more than I usually do) for this post. Back in 2009 I was asked to illustrate a hot project into a new collection of board books from Picture Windows Books, a Capstone imprint. For the youngest learners, a lot of animals helps the kids in their firsts steps in learning and growing. During all of these years these animals have been evolving from a cartoony style into a more softly and cuddly forms that you can see in these latest titles. I'm very proud of all these books that I had the chance to illustrate (some of them became and award-winners), so I would also like to thank you the people from Picture Window Books and Shannon Associates (my rep in US) that made this huge collection possible. You can find these books printed into a variety of sizes and formats, including apps for several devices. So funny to see these animals in movement! Stay tunned for more titles of this series!
2014 Hello Genius board books season

2014 Hello Genius collection board books season.
For the youngest learners, fun, cheerful read-alouds that help guide a child’s first steps in learning and growing.
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Oriol Vidal
Illustrator Barcelona, Spain