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Heartland - This is a banner stand design that I created for Heart Land Emergency Services.
Omnicare Inc. - This is a banner stand design that I created for Omnicare, Inc.
MO Bar - This is a three banner stand display that I designed for the Missouri Bar. Their specification were that they wanted their logo, a picture of a gavel, the image of the members, and an interesting background in the design.
Categorical Programs Banner Stand - This is a banner stand design I created for the department of categorical programs at Charleston County School District. They wanted to include an image of a graduate, the CCSD logo, and all of the wording in the bullet points in the design.
Pense Bros. - This is a Mirage panel display I created for Pense Brothers Drilling. They had serveral images that they wanted to inculde into the design as a collage along with their logo and a few bullet points.
Kari Ryan Denstistry - This is a 48" wide by 36" tall tri-fold board mounted graphic I created that was displayed in the Kari Ryan Dentistry booth at the Charleston Women's Show in 2012.
Trade Show Designs
Joe Ortinau
Graphic Designer Perrysburg, OH