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Initial spread, which displays a photoshopped image of former President John F. Kennedy expressing the mission to land on the moon, along with a quote and images of the moon.
Undaunted Courage - Cover
This spread shows a mission log, which was created as a digital file, but the data was completed using a typewriter. It was then stained with coffee and tea to make it appear aged. Photos on the right were made in Photoshop.
This spread shows a page from the characters manual, which shows the planned path towards the moon. Illustration came from an image library.
Close up of another element, which was created by hand. Used typewriter to create the body of the message. Tea and coffee were used to age appearance.
Close up of Mission Log.
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Book Design - Undaunted Courage

This book was designed and crafted together to tell the story of a fictional character who was an astronaut on the first landing of the moon. The book highlighted specific artifacts which were created by hand or in Photoshop to provide a more realistic layer to the story.

Oscar Garcia
Graphic Designer Waukegan, IL