Supra Re-Branding

Create an Integrated Multi-Tactical Campaign by taking an existing brand that already has good brand equity and improve upon that brand / re-brand them for a new & different market. I chose an older target market of
Men 25–34.

Update the logo while maintaining their basic shape of a crown; changing the font while maintaining the strength of the SUPRA brand; adding wood grain for a sense of class and texture to the overall design (I used mahogany because it is one of two types of wood veneer used to create skateboards); continue the use of white text on black in order to maintain elements of the current brand. For the packaging I wanted to create a unique package that represented the Supra style and continued to follow the brand I had created. Creating a shoe box that better fit the shoes it would hold and allowing the extra pair of shoelaces to be what holds the design together. As you untie and remove the laces you reveal the shoes and a mahogany veneer within.

Shane O'Brien
Graphic Designer Nashville, TN