I've drawn a series of images of just this character design alone! The base character is from my webcomic project, FYREARM, but using D&D fantasy design. A sort of alternate universe take on the character.
My main character from FYREARM, Ravee, dressed up in a variety of different clothes under the "sporty" category.
Taken some tabletop characters and pushed their wardrobe further into their chosen fashion styles. Shay is a lot more goth while Cole is more prep.
Some additional Shay fashion designs, going for other styles in the first two images. More fancy dress and corporate.
Cole in a more rugged "I don't care to look too nice" vs. his more "I clean up good" look!
Fashion and outfit design for my character Hush. She is very much into whatever is most comfortable and tends to slide into the hipster category.
My demon goat character, Hush!
Some design process steps for a tabletop character I am currently playing. Going over hair design, fur design, and so on!
A tiefling cleric named "Ideal."
Some fluid pose practice with a cyberpunk character.
An older redesign I did recently, when I thought about switching Ravee to a jumpsuit look for easier drawing. While a fun design, I ended finding it wasn't quite what I was looking for. Still a solid design!
Character Design

A folder full of different characters I've designed over the years for a multitude of personal projects, stories and tabletop.

Jeffrey Johnson
Freelance Illustrator Superior, WI