When working on "Chapter 3" of FYREARM, did an assortment of test colors for the cover. It was everything from what color some of the lines were, whether or not the subject and background how the same color overlay or not, and several other minor adjustments. It was a long but rewarding process!
I eventually landed on these two and got various opinions from friends and fellow webcomic artists before I eventually settled the B cover art.
A color study for comic pages. I was trying to work out the best way to color pages efficiently while still making it very pretty and the way I envisioned a lot of it. Changing up the amount of Photoshop effects and lighting within a panel. The trick was to judge what was necessary and what wasn't. A lot of fun to work out!
Page 18, chapter 0 of FYREARM.
Page 64, chapter 1 of FYREARM.
Page 67, chapter 1 of FYREARM.
Page 109, chapter 2 of FYREARM.
Page 137, chapter 3 of FYREARM.
Page 140, chapter 3 of FYREARM.
Chapter 3 guest cover art for the webcomic BACKLASH, for my good friend Biteghost!
Chapter 7 guest cover art for PARADISE, for my other good friend Neonjawbone!
Comic Design

Some glimpses into comic work I've been doing on the side for my own webcomic FYREARM. Art such as pages, panels and effects I still like, as well as cover process for the most recent chapter. I will be adding over comic work as it comes along, such concept work for my other story ECHO LAKE and guest covers I've done for other webcomics!

Jeffrey Johnson
Freelance Illustrator Superior, WI