"Eastward" Fan Art
"Into the Spider-verse" Fan Art! I wanted to be as loose as possible and try some more texturing and filtering, so while a little messy, it really adds to the energy. Very fitting for such an energetic and amazing movie.
An illustration I did for the "Hyper Light Drifter" zine, that I was kindly invited for drawing one of the first few fan arts for the indie game. I wanted to try and capture a similar style to what I had before. You can see my original fan art in my first compilation of illustrations.
Another piece I did for a charity zine called "Rock Me Now"! Everyone was tasked with drawing a punk rocker character and doing something related to that. I wanted to go for a texture-heavy promo poster, trying to make it feel very DIY.
Promo for "Echo Lake", another work-in-progress project.
A stylized render of an Echo Lake character.
A fun stylized headshot of Ravee. While not her current design anymore, I still really like how the lighting and colors came out on this.
Inspired by Spider-verse, I wanted to do more crazy stylized work with my own characters. This one came out especially well.
A character design based on setting from the tabletop RPG, Blades in the Dark.
My most recent experiment with style, as I tried out what I call "superchunky" anime style, influenced by some art styles that you would see in old JPRGs like Grandia or games like Megaman Legends. It became quite popular on twitter and a style I may flesh out more in the future.
More practice with my superchunky style, using a couple of characters from a friend's setting.
Illustrations 2019-2022

Some more illustrations from the past four years. I had a big break between 2019 and 2021 due to health reasons, only drawing a little here and there. I didn't do as many big pieces as a result, mainly sticking to doodles and character-based commissions.

Jeffrey Johnson
Freelance Illustrator Superior, WI