Group image with all three protagonists together!
Michelle doodle page 1
Michelle doodle page 2
Michy Redesign Notes
Even more Outfit Redesigns
Two of the three leading characters, a pair of bounty hunters who have been through quite a bit. This was the first major piece I drew of them together with their newest designs.
Dr. Guillotine - Outfit Redesign
Ravee Redesigns (2021)
A style and graphic design test with Michy.
A painted render of Ravee to practice another style and use of some layer effects.
One of the many antagonists, although he fills more of a rival role to some of the characters.
A bit of practice with grayscale tones for action scene!
Some manga style tone practice, which is likely how I would render the comic if I went down that route again. Full color is fun but a lot more time consuming for a project of this size.

SOLAR DREAM is a personal project I've been working off-and-on through the past half-decade. It started off as a webcomic I had to stop working on due to health reasons.

It is a story about a girl needing to return home with her latest creation and trying to avoid all those who wish to take her groundbreaking work. The narrative takes place on a planet split into two distinct worlds, chalkful with alien cultures and creatures, money-hungry barons and bounty hunters, and countries vying for control of the skies. The genre fits neatly into science-fantasy mixed with western tropes.

Right now I am working on rebooting the entire project with my new experience and influences from classic 1990s anime such as Trigun or Outlaw Star.

My hope is to return to comic creation or move the project into animation.

(I will periodically update or clean this project up over time...)

Jeffrey Johnson
Freelance Illustrator Superior, WI