Concussions are the big topic of the 2010s. Every year more research comes out about the causes and long term effects of concussions and other head trauma.

Soccer is the most popular sport for young people around the world. In the US soccer is the most played women's sport for children and young adults.

Women's Soccer has the highest rate of concussions in athletes 26 and younger.

Unlike football and men's sports, 99.9% of female soccer players will not make a living career from playing soccer, and most will stop playing competitively upon graduating from high school. What is the toll of soccer on their bodies? Namely their brains? How will this effect them in adulthood?

X-Guard is a NOCSAE approved head guard that protects the wearer and houses a concussion monitor. This monitor allows players, coaches, and health care professionals a record of concussive and sub concussive hits that players experience throughout their career

Ashleigh Otto
Industrial Designer Richmond, VA