Complex Contest Entry
Original sketch done from the video.
Thanks Complex Magazine!
Some drawings done at Reebok
Final Concept
COMPLEX: Unification of the Past and the Future

After my summer trip in Northern Italy for ARCH 5800, I was inspired by the architect Carlos Spara and the footwear trends going on in popular cities such as Padua, Treviso, and Florence. The idea of mixing elements from a different fashion culture, mixing new and old technologies, and using certain design motifs from Scarpa’s Brion Cemetery seemed like an interesting concept to experiment with.

This idea was carried out in Complex Magazine’s “The Next Sneaker Design Star Competition” and eventually became the winning entry.

After the winning entry was announced, the prize was a week long mentorship with Reebok Classics. During the mentorship, the design was improved by emphasizing Reebok’s DNA and classic heritage. Using a more slender and modern silhouette while adding details from popular vintage styles such as the Omni-Pump, the final design was then presented to the marketing team.

Oliver Vranesh
Senior Design Professional Washington, DC