Carbon Fiber x Stainless Steel Grill Plate
Coleman Lantern Stainless Steel Grill Hooks-Using Paul's dynamic theory of story telling in every product.
Story Telling Detail- The infamous "Speedometer Thermometer (FUN WORDS TO SAY)" combining Paul's motorcycle background and an essential functional element of a BBQ Grill.
Story Telling Detail- 10 Rivets for 10 years
Story Telling Detail- A motorcycle has awesome wheels, stainless steel, and custom does every BBQ Grill.
The Grill can fold out for use and can conveniently become compact for storage.
One of the many ideation sketch pages for the grill.
2D Rendering of the grill prototype and a detail view of the speedometer thermometer.
A Solidworks Assembly of the grill.
The once and a lifetime design process: 1. Chillin with Paul at the studio 2. Working hard (and being all nervous) in front of Discovery and CNN Cameras. 3. Clean cut materials for the prototype. 4. Paul showing his tyro how to weld properly. 5. Rough prototype of the grill with 3d printed parts from the Solidworks Assembly. 6. Paul posing next to a legitimate prototype which is now selling nationwide.
1:1 Scale
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Coleman x Paul Jr Designs

Coleman x Paul Jr Designs 10th Anniversary Road Trip Grill

Oliver Vranesh
Senior Design Professional Washington, DC