Right Foot / Lateral Side / Illustrator Rendering
Inspiration Board
Quick Sketches
Poker Chip Detail
Pyramid Stud / Signature Etched/ Glossy TPU Endcap
Lateral Side Quarter Detail
Floyd's Winning Tallied Record / Stitched Detail
Mayweather Boxing Shoe

Originally for a footwear design contest that never took off.

This is a Player Exclusive design for my favorite boxer Floyd Mayweather. The design is called the “HAYMAKER” which is named after the knock out punch he gave Ricky Hatton.

The heel contains an injected molded TPU shank with Floyd’s signature and the quote “PROTECT YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES” etched into the mold.

The tallies on the ankle represent Floyd’s winning record. After each win he receives in the ring, another tally would be stitched on accordingly.

The quarter of the shoe consists of full grain leathers to remind Floyd of the interior of his luxurious automobiles. The quarter also contains an elastic band that has a the Money Mayweather logo and the money team motto “ MONEY, POWER, RESPECT.”

The “Poker Chip” logo is used on the mesh tongue to represent the casinos of Las Vegas. “HARDWORK and DEDICATION” are embossed on the poker chip to serve as a reminder how Floyd got where he is today.

Oliver Vranesh
Senior Design Professional Washington, DC