Haytham Chopper - The Haytham Motorcycle is part of a yearlong design project that involved every element of industrial design ranging from: intense concept sketching, exploration of three dimensional elements, accurate mechanical drawings, understanding of product manufacturing, precise three dimensional computer modeling, investigation in kinetic design, development of color theory, and designing a behavior and lifestyle for the product user. The following images show the final 1:6 handmade scale model.
The design process began with three-dimensional abstract forms to dispel any notions of a preconceived idea. These sketches were organized according to their gestures: fastest to slowest. The colors, form, and functions, are then enhanced through the course of development. To help spark new ideas, two-dimensional sketches are completed. These illustrations helped conceive new abstract concepts relying solely on the aesthetic of their quick gestures.
Character Develoment - A concept character is developed for the user of the motorcycle. The Haytham Chopper is exclusively designed for the mechanic and renegade biker: Malcom Petrayus. Not only did the concept character develop through this stage, but the design of the chopper also evolved. The Haytham’s proportions, functions, and vehicle elements are all improved to fulfill the user’s needs.
Haytham 3/4 views and Kinetic Details - These are various illustrations that are completed to help the development of the project. These two three quarter drawings of the Haytham are completed to show scale, proportion, aesthetics, and are used to evolve into a final design. The next two illustrations are investigations in kinetic design. In these investigations, the purpose is to design a unique movement for a functional detail or accessory of the Haytham Chopper.
Kinetic Speedometer - The approved kinetic detail concept is a speedometer. When the user turns on the engine, the Haytham insignia spins open. It then welcomes the user and reveals itself as a digital speedometer. Kinetic design is the design of the movement of a certain product. As an industrial designer, Kinetic design is used as a new aesthetic dimension that can make everyday products become fascinating and dynamic with their unique movement through space.
Haytham Digital 2D Rendering - A two dimensional digital rendering is completed of the Haytham Chopper to present how the final concept will look like.
Haytham Blueprint - Mechanical blueprint is completed and used to describe the form and structure of the Haytham Chopper. These illustrations are then used as guideline for construction of the final design.
Haytham 3d Rendering - This three dimensional rendering is produced based on sophisticated Solidworks model construction. This computer-generated model uses a variety of advanced and professional techniques to produce unique details and features that represent the finalized concept of the Haytham Chopper.
PRATT Haytham Chopper
Oliver Vranesh
Senior Design Professional Washington, DC