MXL 2.0 Launch Trailer
For reference: The standard Diablo 2 interface, 640x480px (c) Blizzard North
MXL Inventory screen - Maintaining the gothic/celtic themes of the original whilst offering a splash of colour, intricacy, and various QoL components.
MXL Vendor screen
MXL Character Screen
MXL's expanded cube modifcations
A complete rework of the bottom panel; incredibly important, as this is going to be present onscreen 100% of the time.
Ingame shots
Ingame shots using new rendering to best upscale the original engine to 4K resolutions and higher.
MXL completely overhauled every aspect of the game, from waypoints to the skill tree.
MXL Logo animation
Median XL - Diablo 2

How do you breathe life into something so beloved, yet so old? As a member of the ongoing development team for MedianXL, a total conversion modification of Diablo 2, it is both extremely frustrating and rewarding to work within the constraints of a 20+ year old engine. Many of the tools we use to iterate have been created entirely in-house. Pixel pushing.

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Allister Roberts
Illustrator \ Designer \ Jack of All Trades Dundee, United Kingdom