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Quilts Identity - designed for an exhibition of fine examples from the Shelburne Museum's permanent collection of over 400 eighteenth to twentieth-century American quilts.
Quilts Titlewall - 17ft x 10ft
tone on tone pattern incorporates the identity while capturing the aesthetic of both modern and traditional quilts. figure shows scale.
Quilting Frame Panel - 64in x 45in
introductory/interactive panels. vinyl cut letters applied to wall with printed photographs and fabric swatches.
Interactive Panel - 70in x 30in
engages children and adults alike in thinking about the relationship between positive and negative spaces in quilts.
Alternate Identity & Titlewall Designs - preliminary design ideations for the Quilts identity and titlewall
Arctic Identity - designed for an exhibition of Eskimo and Inuit artifacts. texture incorporates a graphic interpretation of distinctive carvings found on the objects to add interest and depth
Arctic Titlewall - 8ft x 10ft
titlewall for the exhibition incorporates textural identity and case filled with artifacts.
Vanishing Frontier Intro Walls - intro wall (left): 6ft x 7ft
title wall (right): 20ft x 10ft
an exhibition of Native American artifacts, paintings by Henry Farny, and Rookwood Pottery featuring Native American portraits. entry graphics incorporate color palette and design standards in accordance with identity
Reservation Map - 23in x 14in
drew and colored map to coordinate with the aesthetic and colors of the exhibition. map was shown on back of titlewall.
Bradford Identity Exploration - preliminary sketches for the Mark Bradford identity. drawing from the idea of clean typography mixed with the collage, layering style found in Bradford's work
Bradford Titlewall - 19ft x 15ft
front elevation (above left) and oblique view (right) show an innovative solution for a unique exhibition entry space. super graphic of identity stretches across two walls with a break in the middle. gray represents metallic silver.
Rembrandt Identity & Postcard - identity for a show of three of Rembrandt's most famous portraits brought together for the first time. classical typography and a rich color palette compliment Rembrandt's style.
Rembrandt Titlewall - a floor to ceiling vinyl banner set inside the doorway of the gallery makes a bold statement
Texas State Aquarium Reader Rails - 36ft 6in x 8in
one element of an identity package developed for the TSA's Conservation Cove exhibit. color and graphic patterns derived from the animal's own unique attributes.
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Exhibition Graphics
Paige Strohmaier
Graphic Design Professional Cincinnati, OH