Organic Experience

My background in Industrial design made a huge impact on my sensitivity to the form and craft of products. I have a special appreciation to organic designers who give shape to products with natural flow and inspired by nature and for that reason I created 4 pieces of furniture that reflect different examples of organic design.

“Woodpebble” is made out of soft maple wood carved with a chain saw and grinder. The smoothness of the piece mimics the erosion of a rock in a beach. On “312 layers” stool I wanted to show the drawings plywood creates when carving concave shapes. “Boneflow” chair intention is to show the fluidity of the form and how smooth and integrated transitions between surfaces can be. “Shelltree” chair relates to nature where there is no need for more material than there is needed for the function.

Every product has the singularity that they combine as a unified finished piece.

Alejandro Palandjoglou
Product Designer Houston, TX